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IKEA Foundation and UNICEF have been working together for the past 16 years in India for building an enabling environment that can support the holistic development of children. This 16 year-long partnership presents a successful model of collaboration between a development organisation and a corporate foundation, wherein the two entities have grown together, streamlined their resources and built on their sector expertise to support each other in developing innovative, sustainable and scalable solutions for children in India.
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Giving a Fresh Start to Their Lives

As part of the UNICEF - IKEA Foundation partnership on child rights programmes, Child Protection Committees (CPCs) were set up in 3450 villages in Gujarat. These CPCs prevent child labour by engaging with parents and communities and convincing them to send all the children to school.
The Government of Gujarat with the support of UNICEF and NGOs has so far mainstreamed 25,506 children in schools.
Story of Devi and her daughters - Story of millions of young girls in India
Over the last ten years, UNICEF India and IKEA Foundation have strived to ensure that child rights are respected and fulfilled in every corner of India. Some tremendous results have already been achieved and shown that change is possible and is possible at a large scale. More than five million children are now breastfed within one hour of birth, 75 million children have received a vitamin A capsule, 32 million additional households have now a toilet, and more than 15,000 ex-child labourers are now going to school. Millions of children and adults including women like Devi and Asha have already benefited from our partnership.

Ending Child Labour 
On World Day against Child Labour, meet fifteen-year-old Divya who doesn’t mince her words when it comes to fighting against child labour and upholding the cause of child rights.
“Next time you think of employing a child in work, imagine your own child in his place and then take a call,” she says in a hard-hitting, matter-of-fact manner.
The confident teenager knows what she is talking about; after all, it’s thanks to her efforts that no child in her panchayat is employed in any work and attends school instead.
“You think child labour cannot be eliminated? Yes it can be, and I will show you how,”

Leaders in  Making
Age has nothing to do with being an embodiment of inspiration.
Twelve-year-old Priyanka Nayak from eastern Indian State of Odisha is one such example.
The young girl motivates her classmates in school to harness their potential, has elders in the village approaching her to solve problems, and has been steering change in her own family as well


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