Located in central India, Madhya Pradesh (MP) is India’s second largest state with an ar


The focus of UNICEF’s Child Survival programme in Madhya Pradesh (MP) is on stren


Population:  72 Million

Child Sex Ratio:  912

Language:  Hindi

Literacy Rate:  71

IMR:  54

MMR:  54

Girl Stars - Suriyamani the Forest Activist

Uploaded on Feb 28, 2008 Suryamani Bhagat is an activist with 'Save the forests of Jharkhand movement'; she is the founder of 'Torang' a tribal rights and cultural center in Kotari Village, Ranchi district in Jharkhand. Suryamani works to save the forest where she lives and preserve her tribal culture

Priyanka Chopra

Priyanka Chopra inspires teenage girls to aim high...

Bollywood Actress, International Recording Artist and UNICEF India Ambassador Priyanka Chopra met with young women in Chandrapur, India, to mark International Youth Day[1] and to witness how their lives are being transformed through the Building Young Futures programme, which is run in partnership w

Giving Children A New Start To Their Lives

Giving Children A New Start To Their Lives

In this quiet village of Bhuja in southern Rajasthan, 14 year old Payal and her younger brother managed to stay back in school despite several pressures to get engaged in child labour following their father’s untimely death. The children suddenly learnt they had to earn wages to manage their family.


UNICEF Ambassador Shakira strikes a chord with girls from Udaipur

UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador Shakira met with a group of adolescent girls from Udaipur in Rajasthan. For Shakira, it was inspiring to hear the girls’ stories. “It is very special to spend time with these girls, internalize their challenges, their efforts to get an education and to make a better life f

stunting, odisha

Stunting In Tribal Children Ag

Odisha is home to 9.2 per cent of India’s tribal population (9.6 million of 104 million). It is highly significant in the tribal map of India in that it is home to the largest number (n=62) of tribal groups in India, including 13 particularly vulnerable tribal groups. Tribal people constitute almost a quarter (24 per cent) of the total Odisha population [MTA, 2016]. There was a 2.5 per cent annual decline in child stunting among Odisha’s tribal children between 2006 and 2014 (57 per cent to 46 per cent, respectively), compared to the state average of 2 per cent (45 per cen

tribal malnutrition

Forest Lanterns

Forest Lanterns is a collection of invited essays on forty-six solutions from solution seekers working on the ground, for improving the nutrition of tribal children from nine states (Andhra Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, Gujarat, Jharkhand, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Odisha, Rajasthan and Telangana) in India. The essays have been derived from presentations (audio-transcribed) made by the authors during the two-day National Conclave on ‘Nourishing India’s TribalChildren’ from 15–16 January 2015 in Bhubaneswar, Odisha. Other contributions were invited after the conclave.

child marraige

Child Marriage

India has the largest number of child brides in the world — one third of the global total.1 Yet, recent data indicates thatin the last decade there has been a significant decline in the prevalence of child marriage from 47 per cent to 27 per cent of the proportion of women aged 20-24 years who were married before age 18 from 2005/2006 to 2015/2016.2 Child marriage among young men and boys has also seen a positive change.



Rani is 8 years old, from Godatu Village #Jharkhand. Caroline den Dulk, Chief of Communication..

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