Media Engagement

Media Engagement

Media Engagement

UNICEF consistently engages with the media through dynamic platforms and tools such as discussion forums & media roundtables, field trips to see program implementation on the ground and capture real community voices, press releases/ notes, data analysis sheets, media query resolutions and specific technical report launches. Through these diverse activations, UNICEF remains in touch with the media at large and more specifically with a core group of media partners, committed to issues related to child rights. This pillar enables a smooth flow of information between UNICEF and the media.
Discussion forums & Media roundtables

UNICEF's media engagement efforts involve conducting and facilitating discussion forums and roundtables with media members so we can share relevant information with them on various social issues and also brainstorm along with them and find out how systems and societal barriers could be removed and how media can highlight the importance of these issues. This helps us to have a dialogue with the media fraternity and involve and engage them more deeply in our efforts to bring a change in the lives of children.
Field Exposure

UNICEF also provides opportunities to media members to travel to remote parts of the country and observe the challenges, interact with the front line workers and report directly from the grassroots level to create awareness on the various issues we are working on.
Technical report launches

UNICEF has access to many Indian and International technical reports that we share with the media community with the objective to give them access to in-depth information, data, statistics on issues related to child rights.
Data analysis sheets Audio Visual support on content

UNICEF is happy share any relevant audio and/or visual content to media members intending to write on the relevant issues.
Media query resolutions

All media queries are attended to by designated programme officers. If you have a media query related to any of UNICEF’s programmes a related to a specific data please send your query to the Media Office
Case Studies

Case Study 1:  
Engaging Urdu Media For Routine Immunization UNICEF engaged the Urdu media for the Routine Immunization program to ensure we reach out to the minorities and convey the importance of the message. Our research indicated that out of the 7.2 million children born in India every year, about 2.7 million of them remain unimmunized. A majority of these children are from the minority communities, especially the Muslim community. According to the Sachar Committee Report, the immunization coverage rate amongst minorities is 36.3 per cent as against the national average of 61 per cent.
We realized that the Urdu media can play an important role in changing this. It can reach out to the minorities and marginalized sections of the society and help build awareness and trust on Routine Immunization (RI). In pursuit of these goals, UNICEF in partnership with SHIKHAR Organisation for Social Development, launched an initiative towards sensitizing Urdu media fraternity to create an enabling environment to foster Routine Immunization across minority communities in the nine target of Assam, Bihar, Gujarat, Chhattisgarh, Jharkhand, Madhya Pradesh, Odisha, Rajasthan and Uttar Pradesh.
Meets of the Urdu Editors in Delhi were organized which was attended by Urdu Media memebers from Akhbar-e-Mashriq, Aziz-ul-Hind, Hamara Samaaj, Hindustan Express, Inquilab, Jaded Khabar, Rashtriya Sahara, Sahafat and Siyasi Taqdeer actively participated. A Roundtable of Urdu media was conducted in the series of efforts being undertaken to leverage the strengths of the Urdu media.
UNICEF also provided opportunities for several Urdu media members to travel to remote parts of the country and observe the challenges, interact with the front line workers and report directly from the grassroots level to create awareness on the issue.


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