Media Capacity Development

Media Capacity Development

Media Capacity Development
UNICEF has been engaging with the media for over four decades and the process has been  rewarding as we have nurtured key relationships with media outlets and individuals. During this  journey the consistent feedback from our media partners has always been about the need for us  to focus on developing their capacities on reporting especially in the context of child rights.  

While our media partners are experts in their specific areas, such a health, education, nutrition,  Hygiene and Sanitation, they have expressed interest to be equipped with skills to critically  appraise these issues with a child rights lens. This process has been extremely beneficial for  UNICEF and our media partners who equipped with these skills can now communicate  holistically and with complete understanding of diverse facets of the issue. Going forward our  media partners will be able to create a powerful and authentic knowledge base for children.
Oxford University and George Institute of Global Health

UNICEF has partnered with Oxford University and George Institute of Global Health, UK, to   develop a special programme for media members reporting on public health with a focus on  routine immunisation. This partnership will help us develop certified critical skills appraisal  programme which will help in addressing the gap in media coverage on public health  programmes. The program will have modules on Routine Immunization and will be offered to  journalists as a 'certification program.
UNICEF has identified five mass media departments from different regions of the country  namely, Punjab University, University of Hyderabad, Mumbai University, Guwahati University,  Tejpur University and Manipur University to be the national partners for this initiative.
Media Workshops SAMYAK

UNICEF has partnered with Samyak Foundation to offer a series of Media Workshops to  promote routine immunization. The workshops are being held for media persons from the nine  low Routine Immunized states including UP, MP, Bihar, Chattisgarh, Jharkhand, Gujarat,  Rajasthan, Assam and Odisha.

This partnership aims at creating a network of knowledgeable  and committed pool of health journalists who will report on the issue in a sustained basis.   Samyak Foundation is a developmental organization which works on health and social issues  across different States in India.

UNICEF and IGNOU have come together to fulfill the need to develop capacities of media from  difficult-to-access regions of the country. The key focus of the partnership is establishment of  select media on the various issues and our initiatives, launch of an online platform to capture  trained journalists’ writings on these topics and recognition certificates by veteran journalists  Vinod Mehta and Mark Tully.

We use modern technologies like video conferencing, mobiles, blog coupled with face-to-face  interaction and field visits to initiate and sustain balanced and informed reporting of the issue.   Post-media analysis of this initiative showed us that there was 40 % increase in reportage on  Routine Immunization issues from national and state (Madhya Pradesh) media after this  initiative.

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