Everything ready for GEMEX
Did you know that children represent 50 to 60% of those affected during disaster? "Their unique knowledge and skills can play a crucial role in addressing or managing disaster risks.Today's exercise demonstrate the critical role that children can play during emergencies
In India 16 million children are affected by disasters. They are the most vulnerable but also the ones who can actually make a difference
The (GEMEx 2012) is a week-long preparedness emergency exercise that will train people and children on how to urban catastrophes in city like Guwahati.
"In the coming years, children's vulnerability to disasters is expected to increase as the frequency and intensity of natural hazards rises. Building resilience in children and communities, and reducing their vulnerability to disasters has, therefore, become even more imperative,"said Nandita Hazarika, ACS, Deputy Secretary & SPO, ASDMA.
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