Taking stock: Reviewing RTE progress after 3 years
Three years ago today, India, for the first time in history, made a promise to its children. With the Right of Children to Free and Compulsory Education coming into effect on April 1, 2010, every child was guaranteed the fundamental right to eight years of quality education — one that helps them to acquire basic literacy and numeracy, enjoy learning without fear, and feel valued and included irres... See More
MILLIONS DROP OUT Indeed, there have been promising developments starting from the government’s budget for the Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan programme, t
EXAMPLE OF INCLUSION Learning assessments show that many of the children who do remain in school are not learning the basics of literacy and numeracy or the additional knowledge and skills necessary for their all-round development as specified under the Act
A key RTE mandate is for schools to become child-friendly, inclusive spaces, where all children from diverse backgrounds are welcomed, treated kindly, and encouraged to actively participate in learning through child-centred activities
Another important RTE goal is to empower teachers as key change agents in schools, ensuring their competence as professionals able to reflect on and improve their own practice
The Act is a source of national pride and offers an unprecedented opportunity. It is a challenge, but with the resources and political will fuelling progress, is not an impossible task. What is critical now is that national and State governments take stock of the progress achieved and the gaps which remain in order to complete unfinished RTE commitments as a matter of urgency.
Teacher preparation and on-site support needs to be much more child-centred, focusing on engaging the child’s curiosity rather than being monotonous with limited classroom impact
MONITORING SYSTEMS While there are one-time investments that will make a significant difference in achieving targets in such areas as ensuring a library or functional toilet in every school, much of the pedagogic transformation called for by RTE will necessitate substantive institutional reform.
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