Teacher's Day - Report Card
Teachers play a significant role in development of society and students. On the Teachers Day today, we present you a report card of teachers enrolment, professional qualifications and female teacher ratio in India.
Availability of professionally qualified teachers is an area of concern in unaided and unrecognized schools.
All teachers in Delhi are professionally qualified, while less than 35 per cent regular teacher are professionally qualified in three states namely Arunachal Pradesh, Nagaland and Meghalaya.
There is wide disparity in availability of female teachers between states.
The Pupil-Teacher Ratio The RTE Act maintains that Pupil -Teacher Ratio should be one teacher for every 30 students at the primary level and at one teacher for every 35 children at the upper primary level.
About 6.16 million teachers are teaching at the elementary level in the country and out of them 4.22 million, about 64 per cent, are teaching in the Government schools. A total of 5.87 million teachers employed as regular while 0.81 million are working on contractual basis.
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