A Special Day for India... No Polio Case in Last Three years
Today the 13th of January 2014 is a special day for India. Once considered the hardest place to eradicate polio – India will celebrate three years since its last polio case achieved monumental milestone.
Experts had often believed India would be the last country to stop polio in view of the high population density, hygiene, sanitation and health conditions, which presented major challenges to eliminating the disease.
Bulawa tolis take children to the Islamia School polio booth in Bada Bazaar area of Mainpuri in Uttar Pradesh.
The community mobilisation efforts have ensured near total community ownership of polio eradication programme.
The Polio programme has helped develop RI mass media campaign to help increase awareness on the vaccination. The entire Social Mobilisation Network for polio, which reaches out to millions of people in the high-risk areas of Uttar Pradesh and Bihar, is mobilising families for Routine Immunisation.
A transit Booth at the Kurla Station, where the vaccinators search for children either leaving the city or just entering the city after a travel in the trains.
A group of school children take out a rally a day prior to the in the lanes of Handi compound area to spread the awareness about the importance of polio vaccination
Despite this historic progress, the risk of polio persists in India in view of the continuing poliovirus transmission in neighbouring countries like Pakistan and Afghanistan and also global outbreaks in 2013 in Syria, Somalia, Kenya, Ethiopia etc.
To help eradicate polio globally, India continues to share its experiences and best practices with the polio endemic and re-infected countries - Pakistan, Afghanistan, Nigeria, Syria, Somalia. India is also requesting that polio vaccination be taken by all travelers to India from polio endemic and re-infected countries
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