Nothing About Us, Without Us
I am Malavath Poorna and I am 15 years tribal girl. I live with my family in Telegana. Did you know, I own a world record? I am the youngest girl to have climbed the Mount Everest. If I am a girl and I have at this age scaled Mount Everest, why is there discrimination between boys and girls? I have a goal which is to reduce inequality and am going to the United Nations to speak about that. No one should face caste or gender-based discrimination. Boys and girls should be given the same opportunities. I have a message for the world leaders at the United Nations. "I am not inferior to anyone, I shall be the leader wherever I am”
I am Swarnalakshi and I study in Class XII at Sushilabai Govt. Girls’ Higher Secondary School in Pondicherry. I am from Tamil Nadu and I am the National Child Prime Minister of the children’s parliament in my school. When I tried to get into mainstream school, they refused to admit me because I am visually challenged. They said they did not have proper infrastructure and facilities for visually challenged children. That was the reason why I was forced to migrate from Tamil Nadu to Pondicherry. Initially, the schools in Pondicherry also refused my admission, even though I had the required scores. It was only after the intervention of the Chief Minister that I was admitted. I have been lucky, but what about other children? This the question, I am going to ask to global leaders
I am Vaibhav. I am 19 years old and I study in Class XII in Sai Swayam Society, which is a special school in Delhi. I know I am different from others as I cannot speak and hear. I live with my father, mother and sister in Delhi. When I was a kid, I couldn’t not learn sign language. I had issues in communicating my thoughts and faced many problems. I am representing Goal 9, which is about sustainable technology for all. My hearing aid has helped me a lot to communicate and get involved in decision making. I want to convey the message that technology has helped me, which is related to my goal. Everyone is equal and I have many friends now.
My name is Yashasvi Kumud and I am 16 years old. I study in Class XI at St. Joseph’s School in Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh. I have been working on Child Rights for the last 9 years. We are going to New York -during the week of the General Assembly- because it is very important for us, children, to raise our voices. We are active citizens and want our rights to be realized. It is not because we need money or anything material, but we need your support to get our voices heard. I will talk about the need to protect the earth and save communities. I firmly believe that there is enough for everyone's need, not enough for everyone's greed. So please, let’s keep in mind that we should not tolerate our greed and wastage.
My name is Rohit Sharma and I am 14 years old. I study in Class IX at Dr Kamveer Public School in Faridabad, Haryana. I am the only student in my school with a disability. I have Sclerosis. I will represent the poor and physically challenged children at the United Nations. Goal 8 in the new SDGs talk about decent work which means that there should be no discrimination against anyone and that everyone has to be given equal wages for their work, so that they can feed their families, live in nice homes, educate their children in good schools and progress in life. My recommendation at UN will be to end child labour in 2015, so that all children can enjoy a life of equal opportunities. All I want to say is, everyone has equal rights. Highlight the Present, Light the Future.
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