Children in Madhya Pradesh mark upcoming Global Handwashing Day.
“Foams of soap dance on my hands and take away bacteria and virus when washed with water,” sings Rina in her melodious voice, a song, that she composed together with her friends and teachers, to spread awareness on hygiene and handwashing with song.
The school children learnt from each other the seven steps of handwashing.
The school children through songs and skits shared information that handwashing with soap especially after defecation and before eating or handling food is important and prevents diseases like diarrhea and pneumonia.
Also present at the meet were child reporters from Guna
UNICEF Child Environment Specialist, Gregor von Medeazza, stressed the importance of ‘handwashing with soap’ and how soap helps fight invisible bacteria and viruses which cause infections.
To support their initiative, Shivpuri District Collector John Kingsly, UNICEF’s Child Environment Specialist Gregor von Medeazza, UNICEF Communication Specialist Anil Gulati and Joint Director Women and Child Development Suresh Tomar joined the kids in handwashing celebrations.
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