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J8 Summit in Pictures


Young Indian delegates represent India at J8 Summit Seventeen-year-old Samuel Venkatesan is one of the voices that represented young India at the Junior 8 summit in Rome this year. Joining him was 16-year old Sanjukta Pangi, from Koraput, Orissa and 15 year old Narendra Kumar from Rae-Bareli, Uttar Pradesh.

Selected by the local district administration and NGOs with support from UNICEF, these children join 56 other young people aged 14-17 years for the 5th chapter of the J8 summit held from 4-10 July, parallel to the G8 summit in Italy.

Image: J8 delegate from India, Sanjukta Pangi poses with Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh at L'Aquila, Italy
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Future leaders speak out

A select group of 14 young people met with top leaders at the G8 Summit and urged them to act on a set of recommendations aimed at protecting child rights around the world.

The youth delegates were selected by their peers at this week’s ‘Junior 8’ Summit in Rome – also known as the J8 – to present a declaration to the G8 world leaders.

"We, the participants of the Junior 8 Summit 2009 have come together in Rome, Italy, to propose immediate action from our leaders," read the declaration. "We invite them to listen to the young people and take our proposals seriously. “

As young people, we are the leaders of the future, and therefore will be the most affected by your decisions made today. We believe that collaboration between adults and young people is the best way to grant a better future for the upcoming generation."

The J8 Rome Declaration focused on four key areas: children's rights in the context of the global financial crisis; climate change; poverty and development in Africa; and education.

Image: Global Leaders at G8 Summit


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