" World will improve for children with solutions discussed here"
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" World will improve for children with solutions discussed here"

Narendra Kumar, 14, Pure Gosain, Uttar Pradesh

Why did you want to attend the J8 Summit?

I want to raise the demands of children in my state for good schooling. The children in my village are not able to progress as far as they could because of a lack of quality education.

How were you selected?

I got the opportunity to participate in a children’s assembly in Lucknow (the capital of Uttar Pradesh) sponsored by UNICEF. Lokmitra (a local NGO dedicated to children’s rights) selected me and some other children based on our engagement on child rights activities.

The facilitator found me to be quite articulate and confident so I was chosen to speak at the assembly and summarize the discussion at the end in front of the speaker at the state assembly.

What have you learned so far?

I have learned to seek other kids’ opinions and then make my own judgments to seek solutions for our problems.

Have you enjoyed meeting teenagers from around the globe?

They have been really nice to me. I am positive about things will change after talking to the other kids. The world will improve for children with the solutions being discussed here.

What would you like to tell G8 World Leaders?

I want to tell them that there should be sufficient number of teachers in each school. The teachers should be well motivated to give love and care to all children.

What do you want to bring back with you to India?

Children should be allowed to participate. I will encourage my friends to tell their teachers and school authorities what we need and want.

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