Over Million Dollar ECHO Contribution to UNICEF Saves Flood-Affected Children and Communities
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Over Million Dollar ECHO Contribution to UNICEF Saves Flood-Affected Children and Communities

NEW DELHI, 8 October 2007: The European Community Humanitarian Office (ECHO) has made a significant donation to UNICEF India of US$ 1.25 million (880,000 Euro) to reimburse costs incurred for life-saving interventions in the states of Bihar and Uttar Pradesh during this year’s recent flood emergencies in India.

The project funded by ECHO has contributed to an effective, child-centred emergency response to flooding, with a particular focus on the health and water/sanitation sectors, in order to ensure the survival and health of the poorest and most vulnerable women and children in affected rural communities.

The aim was to contain possible escalation in disease outbreaks as a result of damage caused by the floods; including damaged, interrupted and weakened health facilities and services, compromised water and sanitation systems and a particularly poor situation among displaced people living in temporary shelters.

ECHO’s contribution allowed for the essential procurement and distribution of the most urgently required supplies helping to prevent the outbreak of diseases and restoring essential services to the flood affected areas.  In addition to supplies, UNICEF continuously worked with its counterparts on advocacy efforts to ensure adequate support to the affected children and communities.

This is ECHO’s second contribution to UNICEF emergency interventions in India and is a continuation of our growing partnership. Although this funding comes retroactively, it is the result of collaboration and interaction between UNICEF and ECHO since the very beginning of the floods crisis in July 2007.

UNICEF welcomes this significant contribution from ECHO that allowed for an efficient and effective response in the provision of emergency assistance to the most vulnerable flood-affected communities in rural areas of the states of Bihar and Uttar Pradesh. 

The success of this collaboration is apparent in the fact that no major outbreak of diseases has been reported as a consequence of the devastating floods and a large number of affected children and communities have been provided essential, life-saving assistance.

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