April 10, 2006 : National Forum with parliamentarians on safe motherhood
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April 10, 2006 : National Forum with parliamentarians on safe motherhood

A picture of the folder containing the Safe Motherhood advocacy materials

The White Ribbon Alliance of India (WRAI), in collaboration with the Ministry of Health & Family Welfare (MoHFW) and Indian Association of Parliamentarians on Population and Development (IAPPD) organised a meeting with Parliamentarians on the eve of the National Safe Motherhood Day, April 10, 2006 in Delhi. Elected representatives renewed their commitment to turn policy and legislation into action and results to stem the country's maternal mortality rate.

The objective of the meeting on April 10 was to engage parliamentarians in advocacy for safe motherhood policies and programs at national and state levels.   UNICEF and WRAI have developed a Safe Motherhood Advocacy Kit for Elected Representatives. The kit was released in the presence of the parliamentarians.

Mr. P.K. Hota, Secretary, Health and Family Welfare, MoHFW, said that it was no longer enough for us in India to claim to give importance to mothers and motherhood. We now had to show it with concrete action, not only because of the woman's right to survival and development but because women's health is fundamental to a healthy society.

The occasion also saw the launch of the safe motherhood advocacy kit for elected representatives produced by UNICEF and WRAI as part of a major effort to engage decision makers and opinion formers in building a collective force to meet the challenges ahead. Studying the cover of the kit, Cecilio Adorna, UNICEF India Country Representative, told the gathering that its slogan 'I want to live', should be much more than that. " 'I want to live' is a plea, a plea from all those women whose lives hang in the balance. We must carry this plea far and wide and ensure this kit is a living tool in the hands of those who have the power and public mandate to make a difference."

The two new guidelines developed by MoHFW and WRAI and printed recently, the ‘Guidelines for operationalising PHC to provide 24 hours Delivery and New Born Care under RCH 2” and “Guidelines for pregnancy care and management of common Obstetric Complications by Medical Officers” was also released during this function.

UNICEF and WRAI, in collaboration with MoHFW, have also organized a nationwide poster contest on the theme of maternal health and the winners were awarded at this function.


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