Republic Day 2001 Gujarat Earthquake
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Republic Day 2001 Gujarat Earthquake

On 26th January 2001 Gujarat was hit by a devastating earthquake.

An estimated 13,000 people were killed, about 200,000 injured and more than a million homes destroyed. 12,000 schools were damaged or destroyed.

At the request of the Government, UNICEF responded to the needs of women and children by supporting the revitalisation of health, water, nutrition, education, sanitation and child protection services.

Many agencies worked together with the Government of Gujarat to bring relief to the area. UNICEF took the lead in inter-agency coordination for education.      

UNICEF assists in…

  • setting up more than 2,000 temporary schools.
  • construction of 169 schools with over 600 classrooms.
  • training  teachers in modern teaching practices.
  • training teachers in psychosocial support methods for children.
  • providing teachers with family survival kits.                     
  • providing student kits containing school bags, stationery, toys and musical instruments.

Out of disaster comes opportunity…

  • The need for complete reconstruction of schools brought a chance to revitalise the education system with modern learning tools and methodologies to enhance the quality of education. 

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