Joyful Learning
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Joyful Learning

Non-interactive, chalk and talk methods used in classrooms end up producing children able to replicate but not create knowledge.
In the last 14 years, joyful learning has emerged as a powerful concept to change the way we manage schools and classrooms.

Central to the success of the programme is teacher empowerment. Teachers use songs and games as well as a variety of locally available materials, such as leaves, stones and  trees, as teaching tools.  

 A joyful classroom is an active, bright and cheerful place.
Whether it is in Nalli Kalli of Karnataka, the Quality Education Schools in UP or elsewhere-- joyful learning classrooms can be characterised by the glow on children's faces as they come willingly to school.

UNICEF has collaborated with central and state governments and NGOs to support joyful learning initiatives.

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