Jyoti Rose Tirkey, Newsreader, Radio presenter & Folk-singer
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Jyoti Rose Tirkey, Newsreader, Radio presenter & Folk-singer

‘Even the dreams that I never dreamt – or expected – came true – because I went to school.’

Jyoti Rose Tirkey is a newsreader with Doordarshan (a TV channel in India with the highest viewership).

Jyoti is also a radio presenter with All India Radio, she has her own radio show and she also sings folk music with an orchestra.

Jyoti grew up in a very poor family; her parents did not believe that singing could be a profession and urged her instead to try for a Government job.

But Jyoti loved to sing, and believed in her talent, Jyoti also believed education would give her the confidence to win a job where she could use her skills.

She was right. Jyoti moved to Ranchi, the capital of Jharkhand to chase her dream by attending college.

Today Jyoti is known across Jharkhand for her singing voice and her radio show. Jyoti grew up in Lohardaga District, Jharkhand and she is 30 years old.

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