Premlata Verma, Accountant
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Premlata Verma, Accountant

‘My grandmother knew she wanted me to study, she knew my education would take me very far, she was right, look where I have reached. When I was young I used to collect water for other people, today I have running water in my house, a scooter to take me to work and job in a Government office.’

Premlata Verma is an accountant in the office of the Superintendent of Police in Jhabua, Madhya Pradesh. Premlata is the supervisor of her section and oversees the work of four people – though she is the youngest employee in her section.

Premlata’s grandmother raised her and her sister when they were young, because her grandfather did not want the girls to stay in school.

Premlata’s grandmother was adamant that her granddaughters would go to school because she knew how hard it was to go through life without an education – Premlata’s grandmother had never been to school.

When Premlata was young, she carried water for her neighbors to earn extra money to pay for her school supplies, today, she has running water in her home, a Government job and a Bachelors of Commerce degree.

Premlata lives in Jhabua and she is 28 years old.




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