Krishna Bagel, Government Primary School Teacher
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Krishna Bagel, Government Primary School Teacher

‘Education gives you the power of expression – it gives you the confidence to tell people what you feel. If you are educated you can grow better crops, you know what to plant when and when to harvest, you send your children to school and you have a fighting chance in the world. Your education can help you prove that anything is possible.’

Krishna Bagel is a primary school teacher in a Government School in Tikaria Village, Mandla District, Madhya Pradesh. Krishna was the only girl in her village to complete her grade 12 education; all the other girls of her age dropped out of school because the secondary school was too far away to walk to – it was in another town.

Krishna’s father is a Forest Ranger, he dropped out of school when he was in grade seven and he knew how hard it was to get a job without an education; he promised himself that all of his children would complete their education.

Krishna grew up knowing she had a lot to prove, and so she volunteered as night school teacher in a Government program to educate adults. Krishna did this job so well, that when the position for the teacher in her local village became available, Krishna, the only one to have completed her grade 12 education, was offered the job.

Krishna is 25 years old.

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