Bhauri Malavat, Police Constable
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Bhauri Malavat, Police Constable

‘Education helps you to see what is wrong in the world and the confidence to question it.’

Bhauri Malavat is a police constable in Bikaner District, Rajasthan.

Bhauri was married when she was a child, but still went to school. Bhauri’s father was a teacher and he wanted to make sure that Bhauri completed her education.

Bhauri belongs to the Saansi community and she felt they were always treated differently because of their caste: Bhauri grew up having to collect water from a separate well.

Although Bhauri failed one year of school, and repeated her school year, she persisted and one day at school she heard about the famous Indian policewoman called Kiran Bedi.

Bhauri thought she would like to be a police officer too – she thought in this way, she could begin to change the world.

Bhura Ram, Bhauri’s husband, dropped out of school when he was young, and unable to find work, he stays at home to look after their daughter.

Bhauri is 24 years old.

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