Kiran Devi, Junkyard Dealer
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Kiran Devi, Junkyard Dealer

‘You find diamonds in the dirtiest places – and let me tell you this – no work is dirty work, with my junkyard I have created a business that has changed my family’s life – unlike me – my children will go to school. My business has changed the opportunities of the present and future generations of my family.’

Kiran Devi is a junkyard dealer and serial entrepreneur; Kiran lives in Patna, Bihar.

Kiran took a small loan to open her junkyard where she lives. Two roads cross in the center of the city of Patna and you will find Kiran somewhere in between.

Kiran thought she could run a junkyard because of where she lived and she knew she wanted to do something to make the future better for her children. With the help of her family and what she had learned in school (Kiran had always been good at maths), Kiran thought she could make a family business. And Kiran has done just thWith a loan from Nidaan, a micro credit organization, she bought a fleet of rickshaws and hired nine men to work for herat.

. And Kiran is not done yet, in the time she has left, she sells saris and cow-dung cakes as cooking fuel.

Now Kiran’s children go to school, and they are healthy, her husband is a driver and supports what she does, but Kiran, and her partner in business, her mother-in-law support the entire family. Kiran grew up in Bapunagar village, Patna District, Bihar. Kiran is 24 years old.

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