Sandhya Sherring, computer trainer
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Sandhya Sherring, computer trainer

‘Education is the foundation that makes you a strong pillar. Just the way a building cannot stand if the foundation is not firm, without education your building will fall. You can do anything – anything at all – if you are educated.’

Sandhya Sherring is a computer trainer and she owns her own computer institute where she teaches children about computers. Sandhya dropped out of school when her father lost her job; Sandhya’s father opened a small framing shop using her mother’s sari as a make-shift roof.

Sandhya was very sad to drop out of school, and soon Sandhya’s mother took a job as a teacher to ensure that Sandhya and her brother could complete their education. When Sandhya finished school she looked for a job in Jhansi because life was still hard for her family.

Although Sandhya searched, she found no opportunities and so one day Sandhya boarded a train in search of a better life – her aunt lived in Delhi, and so Sandhya thought life would be better there.

When Sandhya arrived and started looking for a job, everywhere she went people asked her if she had computer skills, she did not. And although she was very disappointed not to able to find a job, her disappointment did give her an idea.

She returned home and enrolled in a computer institute, and she learned so fast that soon she began to teach other young people about computers. Her success gave her another idea, she would take a loan and open her own institute.

And that is just what Sandhya did. Sandhya’s computer institute is in the same town in which she grew up, and once upon a time, where she thought there were no jobs to be found. Sandhya lives in Babina Village, a cantonment area in Jhansi district and she is 23 years old.

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