Adolescence - An Age of Opportunity
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Adolescence - An Age of Opportunity

Today, 1.2 billion adolescents stand at the crossroads between childhood and the adult world. Around 243 million of them live in India. As they stand at these crossroads, so do societies at large – the crossroads between losing out on the potential of a generation or nurturing them to transform society.

As adolescents flourish, so do their communities, and all of us have a collective responsibility in ensuring that adolescence does in fact become an age of opportunity.

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Press Release - Investing In Adolescents Can Break Cycles Of Poverty And Inequity

Investing in the world’s 1.2 billion adolescents aged 10-19 now can break entrenched cycles of poverty and inequity, said UNICEF today in its 2011 State of the World’s Children report entitled ‘Adolescence: An Age of Opportunity’.India is home to more than 243 million adolescents, who account for a quarter of the country’s population. Over the past two decades, rapid economic growth has lifted millions out of poverty.

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Key Facts- State of World Children

In 2009, there were an estimated 1.2 billion adolescents in the world, forming around 18 per cent of the global population. An adolescent is defined as an individual aged 10-19 by the UN. The vast majority of the world’sadolescents – 88 per cent – live in developing countries. The least developed countries are home to roughly 16 per cent of all adolescents.

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Feature - Emerging From Behind Closed Doors

Anusaya is fourteen years old and today she is planning to go back to school. Until very recently though, Anusaya spent all her days at home, cooking and cleaning, or in the fields, picking cotton under the hot sun to contribute to her family’s meagre income.

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Data Brochure - Adolescence An Age of Opportunity-

1.2 billion estimated number of adolescents (10-19 years) in the world (2009 estimates).243 million estimated number of adolescents in India. About one-quarter of India’s population are adolescents. Adolescents (15-19 years) who are anaemic (%) Source: The State of the World's Children 2011

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Young Heroes

Thirteen-year-old Salim Sheikh and his friends are putting their sprawling Kolkata slum on the map – literally. For a year now, they’ve been gathering data about the people, houses and other facts that clearly identify their Rishi Aurobindo Colony. Soon, they will be uploading much of the information to Google Earth.

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