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Progress for Children - A Report Card on Adolescents
Progress for Children: A report card on adolescents provides an overview of the situation of adolescents, including of their vulnerabilities in critical areas. It makes a compelling case for increased efforts in advocacy, programming and policy, and for investment, to ensure the rights of adolescents and to achieve the Millennium Development Goals.
UNICEF Annual Report 2012
The report highlights UNICEF’s work to achieve equitable results for children through programmes in more than 150 countries, areas and territories.
Promoting Children’s Participation in Democratic Decision Making
In recent years ‘child participation’ has gained focus at local and international level
Handbook on Cyber Crimes against Children and Investigation Methodologies for Law Enforcement Agencies
The Internet has emerged as a tool for empowerment and development for communities across the globe over the last few years. But the sharp rise in internet penetration has also made children more vulnerable to threats online than adults. A project was envisaged as UNICEF and Cyber Peace Foundation, a CSO partner, aimed at identifying gaps in combatting cyber crimes against children and developing practical solutions for law enforcement officers
Child Marriage
India has the largest number of child brides in the world — one third of the global total.1 Yet, recent data indicates that in the last decade there has been a significant decline in the prevalence of child marriage from 47 per cent to 27 per cent of the proportion of women aged 20-24 years who were married before age 18 from 2005/2006 to 2015/2016.2 Child marriage among young men and boys has also seen a positive change.
FAQs: Blue Whale Challenge
What is the Blue Whale Challenge and why should parents be concerned about this game?
National Cold Chain Assessment
National Cold Chain Assessment report highlights country’s current situation of cold chain with respect to UIP program in terms of infrastructure, processes, policies and practices. It also contains recommendations to address the future initiatives for expanding the scope of the Universal Immunization Program (UIP) with introduction of several Newer and Under-Utilized Vaccines Implementation (NUVI).
National Effective Vaccine Management Assessment
This document provides a comprehensive situational analysis of the cold chain infrastructure, human resources, stock management and monitoring of cold chain and logistics.
National Effective Vaccine Management Assessment
This document provides a comprehensive situational analysis of the cold chain infrastructure, human resources, stock management and monitoring of cold chain and logistics.
The India Early Childhood Education Impact Study- Policy Brief
The IECEI Study is a longitudinal study documented children’s institutional participation; assessed their school readiness levels and subsequent early grade learning outcomes; observed their classrooms; and collected information from their homes and preschools/schools.
Making Schools Accessible to Children with Disabilities
Targeted at school administrators, School Management Committees and parents, this user-friendly guidebook outlines the physical and infrastructural barriers children with disabilities may face in accessing schools and utilizing school facilities and provides step by step guidance and practical solutions to address these barriers. It features a checklist as a simple tool that can be used to assess how accessible a school is and to point out specific areas in need of improvement.
School Awards for Child Friendly Norms and Standards
A state wide system of rating of schools along WASH indicators have been institutionalized by Government of West Bengal
National Guidelines on Menstrual Hygiene Management
The National Guidelines on Menstrual Hygiene Management was released by Honorable Minister of State, Rural Development, Panchayati Raj and Drinking Water and Sanitation, the Ministry of Drinking Water and Sanitation, on December 22, 2015.
Group Hand Washing Facilities in Schools
A Technical Design Manual
WASH in Schools in India Commitments and Actions
ASH in Schools in India: Commitments and Actions” is an adaptation of the UNICEF Global document, “Raising Even More Clean Hands: Advancing Health, Learning and Equity through WASH in Schools” launched in 2012, in which key global WASH in Schools initiatives and achievements have been documented and endorsed by 60 global organisations
Air Pollution Fact Sheet
Air pollution is one of the world’s largest environmental health risks. Air pollution can considerably affect children’s health. Their developing lungs and brains
When Coping Crumples - A Rapid Assessment of the Impact of Drought on Children and Women in India
This report presents a rapid drought impact assessment conducted in eight states in India, with the aim of providing insights into drought management practices and their effectiveness. A contextual analysis was conducted of drought and drought-like situations over the past three to five drought years, explaining its impact on women and children within the overall build-up of stress due to various factors like climate variability, unstainable development decisions, and environmental degradation.
When Coping Crumbles: Drought in India 2015-16
It was observed that prolonged development deficits created by lack of infrastructure, inappropriate service delivery mechanisms, unsustainable development practices and inadequate social safety nets coupled with declining community-based coping mechanisms have increased insecurities and hardships for children, women and their families
Process documentation of National Iron Plus Initiative (NIPI) – Towards an Anaemia Free Odisha, 2016-17
A study in Odisha state to understand how NIPI is being implemented on field – its challenges, barriers and recommendation to strengthen different components of the anaemia control program.
Post Event Coverage Survey (PECS) of Vitamin A Supplementation in Chhattisgarh, India. 2017
A survey analysis of the coverage of Vitamin A supplementation in children aged 6-59 months of Chhattisgarh state.
Nourishing wombs: Delivering an integrated package of maternal nutrition interventions in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana (India)
This study is one of very few formal operational evaluations of a large scale maternal nutrition programme, One Full Meal, employing mixed quantitative and qualitative techniques with due diligence for sampling methodology and quality assurance. The sample included functioning rural and tribal projects to enhance representativeness.
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