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The CAHA Charter
" The 53 children attending the national consultation of children affected by HIV/AIDS made 14 specific suggestions to be incorporated in the national AIDS control Programme ( NACP III). "

Ms Paripurna

The 53 children attending the national consultation of children affected by HIV/AIDS made 14 specific suggestions to be incorporated in the national AIDS control Programme ( NACP III). These could be described as the "CAHA Charter". CAHA stands for Children Affected by HIV or AIDS.

The child participants  discussed these problems at length with the senior NACO official present. They also highlighted their problems through powerful role plays based on their  own experience. 

  • Establish children’s support groups in districts as a part of care and support programs. Positive Women’s networks can facilitate this. 
  • Ensure access to correct information. Provide family, extended family members, carers  with correct information on supporting children 
  • Provide psychosocial support for children  to children affected and living with HIV and AIDS. Train  child counselors.  Build  skills of counselors in counseling children, 
  • Revisit and revise existing guidelines for counseling to address needs of children affected by HIV and AIDS 
  • Address violence against affected children. Enable counselors to do so 
  • Provide socio economic support to parents and carers. of affected children. Among the applicable schemes the participants mentioned  Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme, Widow pension, schemes for homeless women, economic empowerment  schemes for SC/ST, girl child marriage scheme, vocational training for girl children and various other support schemes  
  • Set up expert committees to explicitly monitor quality of facilities for orphan children  
  • Evolve monitoring indicators in  providing care support for children infected and affected with HIV and AIDS 
  • Reduce stigma and discrimination by working with friends of children affected through School AIDS Education Program and Adolescence Education program  
  • Involve children affected by HIV and AIDS in program and policy designing, planning, implementation, monitoring and evaluation. (GICA- Greater involvement of Children living with HIV/AIDS, Support for CAHA - Children affected by HIV and AIDS)  
  • Include measurement of stigma and discrimination among school children and young people in the national BSS  
  • Key indicator in 3.7.4 – indicators, OVC to be changed as Children infected, affected and orphaned by HIV and AIDS 
  • Strengthen institutional capacity for  for training, human resource support and resources to build capacity support for children living with HIV and AIDS in community, home based and institutional care. 
  • Evolve  specific schemes for economic support to the care of children living with and affected by HIV and AIDS.
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