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Karnataka - Advocacy & Partnerships
" Making new friends for children, building voice for them "


In the past decade, Karnataka has witnessed considerable improvements in the areas of social development, such as health and education; however, significant challenges remain specifically related to the wide socio-economic gap between northern-eastern and other districts.

Compared to the state average, the performance of north-eastern districts is much poorer in areas such as literacy, school enrolment, health and nutrition, and household infrastructure. Chronically drought prone, this area provides little scope for continuous year-round employment.

Political instability in the last five years has further impacted on the overall development of women and children. The neglect is clearly discernable in poor state of communication infrastructure and lack of qualified staff, irregularity and non accountability of bureaucracy. Vulnerability of children to exploitation, abuse and difficult situations has accentuated in this context.


Advocacy and Partnership specially focuses on harnessing the strong civil society base by strengthening their knowledge base through collective participation and data sharing. The other focus will remain to strengthen the partnerships already in place by responding to the emerging opportunities to sensitise the stakeholders about the situation of children.

Establishing Karnataka Child Rights Observatory will be the key strategy to continue the partnership with Karnataka State Legislative Assembly through Speaker’s office.

UNICEF will financially and technically support KCRO work for Child Rights Advocacy by conducting Children’s Parliaments, Children's Poll, Pre-election Campaigns, Post-election follow-ups, Q & A Analysis, Child-friendly legislators Awards and Karnataka Legislators' Forum.

KCRO will also work as a Child Rights Resource Centre   conducting activities such as Media Reports Analysis, District data scorecards, Budget Analysis, CRC monitoring etc. and distributing the same to political leadership, local media, bureaucrats and civil society to keep the children high on their developmental agenda.

Continued focus on HIV AIDS Journalism to catalyse informed debate in local media against stigma and discriminateion and further push the agenda on adolescent education and women’s vulnerability will remain. This will continue to be the basis for strong media relations built over the years helping in specific story leadins, features and editorial coverage.

Child Reporters network in Raichur will be supported and strengthened by integrating the porgramme with local media players so as to help it self sustain the process.

Newer partnerships with the local celebrities and sportsmen need to be established. Building their knowledge base and close working association on selected issues will be the renewed focus for A & P. Sharing of data and publications like SOWC; district wise data sheets; documentation of field level stories for UNICEF web will be sustained.


In the last five years the UNICEF work has been well recognized and visible, helping the fund raising programme to cash on the positive imagery.

 In collaboration with all programmes, the A&P has been able to put in place strong partnerships with legislative assembly, media, NGOs and children. This has clearly help facilitate UNICEF action on HIV-AIDS, polio eradication, education, child marriage, girl child issues and sanitation.

Within the framework of the new CPAP Advoacay & Partnerships will continue to adapt, evolve, transform and invent new strategies to achieve the MDGs for the children of AP.

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