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Social Policy, Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation – Andhra Pradesh
" SPPME- Social Policy, Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation-focuses on addressing the information gaps both in terms of data and evidences as well as on critical policy engagements to improve the effic "


SPPME- Social Policy, Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation-focuses on addressing the information gaps both in terms of data and evidences as well as on critical policy engagements to improve the efficiency of governmental efforts to put the state on track vis a vis MDGs.

Such an intervention is significant as there is no common framework for children at the state level and Children’s developmental issues are not integrated with poverty reduction and women’s empowerment initiatives (NREGS, DRDA- IKP). 

It can be observed that BRGF and social indicators are not integrated to address the gap in service delivery. A functional model for a convergent monitoring system that acknowledges the organic linkage between the departments is also required at the state level.


At the state level, UNICEF supported the preparation of State Action Plan for children to instill the culture of convergence in favour of children. This was launched by the Chief Minister as part of Chidren’s Day celebrations.

At the integrated district level, following actions has been supported:

• Micro level village planning ( VP)  completed in 35 blocks of Medak out of 46 blocks. Currently, VP is being carried out in nine blocks

• Total no. of villages completed- 1068 out of 1247

• Total no. of village volunteers trained- 4272

• A convergent monitoring system has been rolled out in the district under the aegis of DRDA. During the last week of every month, convergence meeting is held at the PHC wherein all VP indicators are reviewed by all mandal level officers and volunteers. District collector has issued Rs. 500 for conducting these meetings regularly.

• In partnership with the Department of Rural Development in the district of Medak, child friendly indicators are being included in the training and monitoring of SHG groups.

• Initiated efforts to include social development ranking to prioritise areas under BRGF

Convergence of sectoral activities in the integrated district was made possible in the following ways:

Child Development and Nutrition- promotion of iodized salt and birth registration through door to door campaign, awareness on exclusive breast feeding among SHG members

Child Protection- Awareness creation about age of marriage through a street play called Malli by the adolescent girls in the village was carried out in the 15 mandals. Vigilance committees are formed by volunteers to prevent child marriages.

Child Environment- Supporting the open defecation free campaign by the district through training and coordinating activities at the mandal level through NGO network. Supported the distrit to establish a low cost sanitary napkin production unit

Education- Quality package for Grade I and II in 664 schools and supply of furniture to 75 schools supported. Also ‘Read Medak’ campaign is supported by the network of volunteers

Advocacy and Partnership- Supporting the child reporters by coordinating the preparation of wall newspapers through NGO network

KCCI initiative has been actively supported by facilitating the case study documentation of formation Adolescent girls group in Warangal and Kurnool.


DWCD is using the state Action plan as a blue print for bringing in sectoral converegence.

PHC level monitoring in Medak has become institutionalized and service delivery has shown improvement especially in immunization, institutional deliveries and enrolment of children

Learning from the experience of integrated district approach during the last programme cycle, special emphasize is given to inclusive approach to achieve service delivery targets among the socially excluded communities.

State level advocacy efforts are being strengthened to refocus the targets and approaches to service delivery and use disaggregated database to identify who are being missed out in the delivery of basic services. 

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