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Special: Fighting Child Labour
" NEW DELHI, August 22, 2013 – Violence against children is all too often unseen, unheard and underreported, said UNICEF India today, announcing an initiative that urges citizens, lawmakers and governme "

Feature Story: This Sachin Tendulkar is back in School

For almost two years, Sailesh cherished a simple dream, a dream of playing cricket with his friends in the school lawn. But that wish had to wait.
Unlike many of his class mates, Sailesh was mature beyond his age. A quality his father, Babubhai, thought needed to be tapped at an early stage. Against Sailesh’s will, Babubhai pulled him out of school to make him work with him in his cotton farms helping with the daily chores.

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Feature Story: Gaurav Journey Back to School

More than a year and half back, Gaurav started bunking school to work in the cotton fields.  Every morning, Gaurav left for school only to make his way to nearby cotton fields with his friends. 
“We worked in the fields, so we could buy our favourite snacks,” says Gaurav. Gaurav’s story defied the conventional theory of connecting child labour to poverty. Unlike kids, who are often forced into labour due to poverty, Gaurav and his friends came from relatively well-off families.   

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Press Release

Joint Statement: National Commission for Protection of Child Rights, ILO and UNICEFWorld Day against Child Labour

June 12, 2013 - “Ensure Entitlements to Children- Say No to Domestic Child Labour”Celebrated on 12th of June every year, the World Day Against Child labour calls the world’s attention to the plight of millions of children, girls and boys around the world who are exploited as child labour, including in domestic work.

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Photo Essay: Flying with new wings…

Today, Savita has topped her class. She is the envy of her friends and cynosure of her sister-in-law, Mahima. More importantly, she is a harbinger of change for children whom she teaches and is trying hard to get other out-of-school children back into school.

For four years, Savita’s tender hands dug trenches, planted trees and carved stones. Thanks to IKEA Foundation- UNICEF India partnership and girls like Mahima, who is a member of the Child Protection Committee, thousands of girls like Savita are now back in school in Uttar Pradesh.



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