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Avian Flu in India - Government seeks UNICEF assistance for medicines
" Amidst continuing culling operations, the Maharashtra government asked UNICEF to supply additional stock of 50,000 tablets of Tamiflu in its preparedness efforts to combat possible human infection. D "

Amidst massive culling operations in Maharashtra, where the virus was first detected and neighbouring Gujarat, the Maharashtra government got in touch with UNICEF for additional stock of anti-bird flu medicine.

"We have asked for 50,000 tablets of Tamiflu from UNICEF to avert human infection," the state's official spokesperson said.

The government has constituted a high-level committee to investigate the source of bird flu.  A Rapid Response Team of the Ministry of Health are on the job together with 100 state health teams, 70 workers and 20 supervisors, carrying out house-to-house inspections of persons who came in touch with infected poultry.

In the meantime, the government continues to randomly collect blood samples from poultry farms and farm back-yards for testing. Destruction of poultry in the 3-km radius of Maharashtra's Navapur is over and the government will now cull all chicken and eggs within a 10 km radius.  It is choosing culling over vaccination as there are just 80,000 birds in the area, and culling does not require extensive monitoring crews.

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