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Interns' Diary: Lotte de Rooij II
" Just an average day in Pune City… "

Today is Thursday, just an average Thursday, I woke up rather late, finished the research design (YES! Finally), had lunch, found some more literature on our topic and now it’s 5.30 PM already… What will we have for dinner?

And this is it! This is my life! I’m actually living in India, doing this great research, with three friends I didn’t even know a month ago! I’m finally getting to know Pune City (more or less), in the weekends we go out, we even visited another group of interns in Hyderabad in the first weekend of July, and after a hard days work, Nancy and I love to crash on our beds and watch TV… We’re almost on the breakpoint of four weeks being here, and four more weeks to go. Yesterday I made our time schedule for the rest of the research… The more I think about it, the bigger the smile on my face. This is my life now…

Pune is a great city to live in. It’s very safe, easy to find your way around (this is for Indian standards, my Dutch brain still finds it difficult to distinguish one part of town form the other), it’s friendly, has nice weather (except for the occasional major monsoon showers) and there aren’t a lot of people who try to rip you of (in general that is ;-) ).

As for our research, we are studying the work of three NGOs in Pune City, who are providing education to three of the most marginalized groups of children here. But since my group mate Nancy and I are both keeping diaries, we decided she will focus on the progress of our research this week… So please read her diary for more info on that.

The remaining four weeks for me will be both filled with hard work and more insights in India from the inside. One day I’ll come back to travel this beautiful country, but having the chance to just live here, being part of the daily life, that to me, is amazing!

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