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Raiser and Udaisar Villages, Bikaner, Rajasthan
" The village children and elders gathered for the video show "
  • Upon entering the village at around 10:00 a.m. audio announcements were carried out in which brief introduction was done i.e; welcoming villagers of Raiser for screening series of short films on the subject of ‘importance of education’.


  • In consultation with village leaders, it was decided that the Truck would be parked in the field under the large banyan tree near the village well.


  • The venue was rigged up by putting a shamina and putting up fliers, setting up Audio and video equipment, generator ,AV testing ,sound testing, etc. In the meantime, Ahmed was doing personal contact with other villagers inviting them for the show at the designated spot.


  • Villagers gather around the truck out of curiosity and see the setting up


  • Ahmed, the Inter-Personal Communicator (IPC) started the show with an introductory address to the gathering followed by screening of the  films one after the other.


  • After every film an open discussion was conducted with the villagers about the film ,status of girl’s education, their experiences, etc., using the discussion guide ,provided by UNICEF.


  • Approximately 130 people gathered for the AV show which include nearly 10-11 women, upto 25-30 men and children in the age group of 5 to 12 yrs.


  • Some reactions from villagers:

Kasturi Devi, a Health worker in the village was inspired:“I am also a health worker like Durga and if I work hard like her in giving health related information I may also become popular like her..”

Bhagwan Singh (middle aged village dweller) – “.. Story of Bhanwari Malavat inspired me because she is from a backward community which doesn’t support women’s education, but still she is able to achieve something in life..”

Sikander – “..i was inspired by the fact that being a girl she was able to compete with men in becoming a police constable..”

Udaisar Village, Bikaner, Rajasthan

The truck moved on to the next nearby village of Udaisar.  After the right spot was identified to park the truck and set up the show, all the three films were screened together and open discussions were held. This was done to prevent drop-outs – which happened in Raiser – with discussions after every screening.


  - Lalit (young ,unemployed man)– “..I am impressed with the life of Anuradha, who despite being affected by POLIO didn’t use her handicap as an excuse to sit back.. instead she overcame her handicap with education..”

  - Vishal Chowdhry (Student,7th standard) –All the three films indicate that ‘education has played an important role in their progress and that we must encourage education of women in our village.

  - Risit Jain (young farmer) – “… despite all problems all three girls were able to achieve something in their life and they have brought name and fame to themselves and their village..”

General Observations


  • The audience’s (especially adults) involvement during discussion is low. “Education” as a subject is taken very casually. Amongst the menfolk there is more curiosity in the electronic equipment, setting up for AV screening.


  • Not only motivation for education, but sensitization for the need of education is also required.


  • As the Purdah System is prevalent in Rajasthani villages, women, with long veils, prefer to sit in back rows even after repeated requests to come in front for the AV show. Besides, they are extremely shy in expressing there opinion in public.


  • Comprehension of the films is high. Various elements of the films like name of star girls, their community, profession, struggle, efforts, etc., were understood easily by the audience including children.


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