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Village Manora, Block Punpun, District Patna
" Government should first pay attention to poor children’s education "
  • Arrived around 10 a.m. Met with Ward member and Anganwadi worker.


  • Set up and made announcements


  • Approximately 150 people gathered.

Comments on videos:

Sudha, Class XII student: “When parents are not educated, how can their children be educated.”

Sonam, 17 year old girl: “There is no school in our village and it is not safe to go far away.”

Renu Devi, village woman: “Government should first pay attention to poor children’s education.”


Village Inari, Block Punpun, District Patna

  • Arrived around 4:30 p.m.. and met with Damodar Thakur, Mukhiya. Also met with the two school teachers and the prominent villagers.


  • Truck set up and announcements made.


  • Audience numbered approx 250.


  • Video screened and general discussion ensued.


Annu, Class II student: “Poor children are asked to wash the lunch boxes.”

Chandan Kumar, 20 year old youth: “Government should make arrangements for food for the poor children. This will made the parents send their daughters to school.”

Sudha Kumari, graduate: “Why don’t teachers behave properly?”


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