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Right to Survival- Health and Nutrition
" Article 6 of the Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC) states that children have the right to live and governments should ensure that children survive and develop healthily. "

Article 6 of the Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC) states that children have the right to live and governments should ensure that children survive and develop healthily.

The Convention places a high value on the children's right to survival and states that children have the right to good quality health care,  to safe drinking water, nutritious food, a clean and safe environment, and information to help them stay healthy. (Article 24 of CRC)

This 20th anniversary of CRC calls for ensuring  every child has access to the basic right of survival. Society must save the large number of lives snuffed out within the first few days of life.

Eliminating malnourishment should be our top priority as it directly contributes to child mortality, school drop-out rates, gender equality and poverty reduction. Almost 55 million children under five in India are underweight for their age.

Children who are chronically undernourished before their second birthday are likely to have diminished cognitive and physical development for the rest of their lives. As adults, they are less productive and earn less than their healthy peers and the cycle of undernutrition and poverty repeats itself, generation after generation.

In India, close to one million newborns die each year during the first month of life and another million die between 29 days and five years.

UNICEF is closely working with the Government to encourage all women to have institutional deliveries and ensure both mother and baby receive critical post-natal care for at least 72 hours. UNICEF is also partnering with the government to ensure that the nutrition needs of the country’s most vulnerable children and women are met.


Positive Deviance Helps Curbs Malnutrition in West Bengal
Bharati and her children are part of a positive deviance program mobilizing community resources to tackle malnutrition in this poor village of 565 inhabitants

Bringing health services to island communities in Assam, India
"God sent this boat to us," says Dr. Bhaben Chandra Bora, who works on board the Akha. "It's a relief for the people, since access to health services has been so difficult for them.

Community radio connects, educates and entertains in rural India
Vandana Dube, the station’s first manager, helps to produce programmes on hygiene, health and the importance of education. She said that listening groups, which have formed throughout the district, are having a major impact.

Nutrition wins
Including the excluded:  over 13 million children reached with life-saving vitamin A

Angel of Life
IMNCI programme is not yet another public health programme. Rather it is a philosophy, a concept, a strategy – an approach that can strengthen any health programme.

UNICEF and IKEA support ‘permanets’ to save lives from malaria in India
Since May 2008, UNICEF has been working with the National Rural Health Mission (NRHM), the Directorate of Health Services and the Government of Assam on a bundling initiative to combat malaria

UNICEF and IKEA join hands to support child survival in India
UNICEF Assam advocated with the state government to provide efficient and safe emergency transport for pregnant women, newborns and sick children – with the aim of linking communities to health facilities,

Saving twins from the clutches of malnutrition
As a part of the programme, supported by UNICEF and the European Commission Humanitarian Office (ECHO), young children in the district were screened for severe acute malnutrition (SAM).

Tackling malnutrition among excluded children
Two months after admission in the programme, Rakesh had gained 700 grams in weight, while Chandan had gained 400 grams; similarly, the MUAC reading increased by 11 mm for Rakesh and 10 mm for Chandan.

Photo Essays

On Air: Community Radio Connects, Educates and Entertains Rural India 
Ramvati Adivasi didn’t let the fact that she can’t read or write stand in the way of her burgeoning radio career. Today she’s conducting interviews, editing programs on the computer and performing scripts as a member of newly inaugurated Dharkan 107.8 FM.

Reaching out to make a difference
IKEA Social Initiative supports UNICEF in making a difference to child health and survival in India. This photo essay profiles Momi Doley, an ANM. ANMs across the country help link their communities and hard-to-reach populations to health care services.

Changing lives, changing the future
In India, IKEA Social Initiative partners with UNICEF to develop integrated, community-based, sustainable approaches to improve child survival. Parul Tanti, an AWW in rural Assam, is kept busy by the children who need her attention and care.

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