Financial Inclusion of Tea Garden Workers in Assam: The Khobong Tea Garden initiative

This is an initiative undertaken by UNICEF Assam in 2015- 2016 in one of the largest tea gardens named Khobong Tea Estate, which is one of the 167 Tea Estates where UNICEF is implementing the community-based Child Protection and Adolescent empowerment programme, in partnership with Tea Management Associations

The film shows the process followed and progress of this first-of-its-kind initiative to ensure that the tea garden workers (parents of children and adolescents whom UNICEF is working with under the Child Protection and Adolescent empowerment programme) are brought under the ambit of ‘Financial Inclusion’ programme of the Government, so as to ensure social protection for children, adolescents and their family in order to address the vicious cycle of social exclusion and inaccessibility that the tea communities of Assam has historically faced.

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